Four tips to ease asthma

Asthma is lung disease that results in breathing difficulties and chest congestion. Suffered by a portion of the human population, asthma can be a nuisance to the individuals suffering from it. In this post, we outline four simple tips for easing asthma for a more comfortable life. Attempt these tips on a regular basis so as to realize tangible results.

Lets start here:

Take hot soupsTake hot soups

Taking host soups at frequent intervals, say three times a day, helps reduce asthma as it cleans the throat for a better breathing canal and as an added advantage, cleanses the digestive system. If this is adoptedĀ and practiced on a regular basis, the chances of an asthma attack will be put to a minimum.

Avoid triggers

Asthma has been known to be triggered by some substances. These substances are but not limited to aerosol sprays, dust, dust mites and an assortment of known chemicals. Removing these elements from the vicinity or environment of a person with asthma will promote a condition that is suitable for their comfort. It is easier to have a separate room to place these elements and only use them when it is completely necessary.

Take lots of nutrients

Due to the chronic inflammation caused by asthma, the body is often deprived of crucial nutrients that are essential in enhancing the body against the troublesome ailment. Ensuring that the usual diet entails foods rich in high vitamins and nutrients could make a real difference. Lots of fruits should be consumed as they are the ones with sufficient levels of the required nutrition.


Garlic is famous for its anti-inflammatory qualities aGarlicmong many others. Since we know asthma causes inflammation, garlic is better suited to counter this reaction. The garlic can be crushed, boiled or wholly consumed. If the taste is a nuisance, a mixture with lemons or ginger and water can proof to be of assistance in making an enjoyable drink that is guaranteed to taste fantastic and help keep asthma at bay.

The above list is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to natural asthma remedies. It is also important to know that the way we treat people with asthma goes a long way to determining how they cope up with the condition. By being part of a comfortable and loving environment, we improve their health for the greater good. So, be kind and understanding to our special brothers and sisters.

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