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Home hygiene – health practice to keep kids healthy

Germs are everywhere! Not just in the winter months, but all year long. Germs can make our kids sick, but do you want to know the best ways to keep them at bay? If you have a child yourself, you know how hard it is at times with such a sick society that we live in and with sickness all over the place, to keep your child healthy. That’s why I want to share with you few things that we do to keep our kids healthy so that we don’t have to visit the doctor very often.

Washing hands

The most important thing you can do is get them to wash their hands. As a kid, I was taught to you to wash my hands before eating a meal and after a bathroom break. This is really good advice, but do you know that how you wash your kid’s hands matters too? It’s advisable to use warm water and plenty of soap. Wash for at least 30 seconds making sure you clean the whole hands.

Washing hands


Sleep is paramount for a healthy immune system. Make sure you stick to an early bedtime. Keep your sleep routine’ and make sure the kids are sleeping well. If they’re not, it really doubles the risk of catching a cold or flu. Babies need around 14 hours, toddlers about 11 to 12 hours. Think along those parameters and make sure they are sleeping. Make sure that the baby is fully prepared to sleep (mentally and physically). Ensure that the kid sleeps in the right position that will help them maintain the curve in their lower back. Your baby should not sleep on their stomach, especially on saggy mattresses.


NutritionWhen it comes to nutrition, vitamin C and D are particularly important. When trying to prevent them from getting a cold or flu, it’s very important to get a range of nutrients. Stick to a colorful, well-balanced diet if you’re going for vitamin C; from whole food sources, oranges, Kiwis, bell peppers, and even broccoli has a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin D is really important as well. They can get that from the Sun obviously, but if there’s not that much Sun in winter, you can try from eggs. There’s also great vitamin D supplements for kids. Fish oils also have a little vitamin D in them.


Physical activities

The next tip is to help your kids stay active. Physical activity reduces the incidence of cold and flu almost by half. Get creative with your kids. If you’re out for a walk maybe play hide-and-go-seek with them and have them run from point to point. If your child won’t put down the iPad or video game, try mixing it up and find something fun that they can stay active with. You can go to a Children’s Museum that involves a lot of walking. They’ll run around and play together.



Teach your kids how to stay healthy. We often think they don’t listen, and they will forget, but it’s about repetition and reminders. Teach them not to touch their eyes or nose, not to share drinks with friends, not to cough on each other, etc. Try to invent fun ways to remind them, so you don’t sound nagging, but you also want to teach them consistently.…

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Four Plants With Medicinal Value

Often overlooked, herbal medicine refuses to go unnoticed by providing remedies to most of the common ailments. The tremendous advancements in contemporary medicine have seen a lot of people forget about the medicinal value some plants hold. In this post, we look at four plants that provide natural remedies to some of the common ailments. It is important to note that while these plants are known to offer credible solutions, a visit to a trained medical professional is highly advisable.

Plants with medicinal value


Typically used as antioxidants and flavoring in some dishes, the blackberry plant and roots are also important and contain medicinal value. The said plant parts had been employed by Native Americans to treat various ailments for ages. These illnesses ranged from minor headaches to treating dysentery and diarrhea. They are also good for cuts and inflammation, especially in the mouth area.


Garlic is one of those plants with a lot of uses but often disregarded when it comes to its medicinal properties. Taking a few pieces of garlic regularly goes a long way in enhancing your health by boosting your immune system. It also possess some antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial effects, making it a valuable plant with a variety of medicinal values.


Sage is somewhat a jack of all trades in the plant kingdom. For example, before refrigeration was a thing, sage was used for meat preservation. Think of it as a natural preservative. Now to its medicinal value, sage has proved imperative in aiding digestion, fighting off colds and reducing diarrhea among other many uses.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the holy grail of natural medicinal planAloe Verats. This wonder plant packs a plethora of medicinal value that it deserves to be declared treasure. From preventing diseases in poultry by mixing it with their drinking water to remedying acne on human faces by simply smearing its gel. Aloe is an essential ingredient in modern malaria drugs. Its gel is known to heal tooth gum diseases, wounds, burns and skin diseases. The list is very long on this one, but it is safe to say that this marvelous plant deserves a spot in your garden as you will need it on a daily basis.

The above few plants are just a teaser of what natural occurring herbs have to offer. It is important to do proper research before consuming these plants. A better advice is to consult your local medical practitioner, you will be surprised by how much they know on this topic.…

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