5 Critical Bodybuilding Tips & Tricks

5 Critical Bodybuilding Tips & Tricks

It is no secret that getting a well-toned body is not an overnight thing. Besides, it neither relies on steroids nor vigorous gym workouts. Bodybuilding is a process that requires a substantial amount of discipline. In fact, discipline is the driving factor that brings consistency and the way in which an individual handles their workout programs. Bodybuilding success varies from one individual to the other. Below are some of the top bodybuilding tips for serious and enthusiastic bodybuilders.

Progression is Key

The biggest secret in bodybuilding is lifting more and more weight. Volume style training is an effective technique in any bodybuilding routine. Any bodybuilder must seek to add more and more weight to the bar. If an individual is not adding any weight, then it is a waste of time and is not building muscles in any way. It is recommended to add weight to that point when one feels stuck and cannot go higher. This is when one should tinker with other bodybuilding strategies like supersets, drop sets and more. Such strategies aid in increasing the body’s potential.

Overtraining is Dangerous

Upon completing the pre-designed bodybuilding routine, one should get out of the gym. It is wrong to struggle to do other sets of workouts apart from the pre-designed ones. Sticking to a plan is vital. Extra workouts can be counter-productive to one’s muscle growth.

Begin by Strengthening Muscles


Lifting weights without first strengthening muscles can result in injuries. The biggest mistake that most people do is following the routines of pro-bodybuilders. Weightlifting should be done when the muscles are strong enough to bear the weight and pain. There are several strength training exercises that one can do. Such exercises and moves include squats, barbell rows, deadlifts and bench presses.

Pre & Post-Gym Workout Nutrition is Paramount

Nutrition is vital not only to remain healthy but also to build the muscle that one needs. There are several supplements to consider. Proteins, multi-vitamins, and minerals are essential for hardcore gym training, health, and even muscle growth. One should ingest small amounts of proteins and complex carbs two hours before gym training. This provides a substantial amount of energy especially for those doing high-intensity weight lifting exercises. Immediately after the workout, muscles are often depleted of energy due to intensive lifting. Therefore, it is advisable to focus on eating fast-digesting foods such as whey protein and simple carbs to help restore the lost energy and maximize muscle building.

Go for Exercises that Work for Large Muscle Groups at a Go


Compound exercises are great for successful bodybuilding. No one should spend too long in the gym. Therefore, it is ideal to go for exercises that work for large muscle groups at once. Exercises that work only one or two small muscle group is a mere waste of time, and one may not maximize their potential. 80% of all the workouts that one does at the gym should work for two or more muscle groups. It means upon entering the gym; one should have a clear routine or plan of action. They should understand the type of exercises they will perform, how much weight to lift and how many reps to beat.

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